The film programme in the 30th year of the festival ranges from colourful music videos to structural experimental films, from traditional video art to carefully researched documentary films, from personal reflection to social discourse. The film committee has selected 132 films from the 2,000 or more that were submitted – among them seven world premieres (WP), 21 European premieres (EP) and 42 German premieres (GP).

This year’s topic is reflected not only in the three programmes PUSHED, PUSH FORWARD and PUSH BACK, but will crop up again and again in all of the other programmes. What is true and what is important: Trump’s tweet of the day or the “fake news” created by the (as yet) liberal press? In entertain- ing, sometimes confusing, but always exciting programmes, the filmmakers show us how media are transformed into true art.

Once again, many of the creators from all over the world will visit the festival to present and discuss their films. And in the meantime, two juries will select the artists who will be presented with an award to take home with them at the Lagerhalle on Saturday evening. As ever, admission to the award ceremony is free of charge.